Ocean Theme 2009-2010

During the 2009-2010 school year, I incorporated an Ocean Theme in my classroom decor. Here are the ideas that I came up with to use with my classroom theme:


Word Wall
An Ocean of Words
Our Sea of Words

Student Work Bulletin Board
“Sea” Our Great Work
Splashing Great Work
Look Who’s Work Made “A” Splash!

Math Word Wall
Hooked on Math
A School of Math Words

Writing Bulletin Board (displaying students’ writing)
Catching Great Writers
Writing Treasure Trove
Riding the Writing Wave
A Treasure Trove of Writers

The Scientific Sea

Social Studies (showcasing our state: Florida)
The Sunshine State

Core Values (for core value student of the month)
Sailing Away with Core Values


  • D.O.L.P.H.I.N. Folders
    I used DOLPHIN Binders last year but they were too bulky and the students hardly used them. So this year I will use a folder instead which will contain some of the same resources I included in my DOLPHIN Binder. The only difference will be that students will no longer keep their subject area work in there since I collect it myself. Students will also have their clear zip-pouch in their folder to keep their “Fin” Dollars (our classroom currency for our classroom economy).
  • Take “Fin” Home
    I’ve been meaning to use this idea in previous years but I was not able to kick start it before. This school year I plan to use it from the beginning. I have a special bookbag which contains a stuffed bottlenose dolphin which I named “Fin”. The bookbag also contains a composition notebook, crayons, color pencils, a glue stick, and scissors. Students will be chosen to take the bookbag home over the weekend. They are to then write about what they did with Fin while they had him. They write about it in the composition notebook. Every student will have a opportunity to take Fin home, write, and share their experience with the class. It’s a great writing activity that I hope the students will enjoy.
  • “Fin” Dollars
    As mentioned before, I have a classroom economy and on our classroom currency I have a dolphin. We call the currency “Fin” Dollars.
  • Ocean Plush Animals
    I was at Target yesterday browsing the dollar section (don’t you just love that section). While browsing I discovered six ocean plush animals for only a dollar each. I immediately thought about my theme and how great they would look in our classroom library area. I bought a sting ray, a shark, an orca whale, a pink dolphin, an octopus, and a lobster.

Learn more about DOLPHIN Binders on my classroom site page: www.sanchezclass.com/dolphinbinders


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