Clip Chart Behavior Management System

I would like to thank my fellow PT’ers for sharing their comments, thoughts, and info. on the Rick Morris’ Clip Chart behavior management system. This system has given me new insight on how to manage behavior. I’m going to be implementing it this upcoming school year with a few minor changes.

To start, I decided to flip the colors and not use pink or purple. Instead I will be using the following colors (in parentheses you will find the conduct grade I will use for each level):

BLUE: Outstanding (A)
LIGHT BLUE: Great Job (A)
GREEN: Ready to Learn (A)
YELLOW: Think About It (B)
ORANGE: Teacher’s Choice (C)
RED: Parent Contact (D)

I will only give an “F” in conduct if the student is constantly and severely disruptive. Also, if a student moves their clip down to Teacher’s Choice and/or Parent Contact, he will complete a small slip with his name, date, and check off what he did to move his clip down. This way I will have documentation on behavior. It’s important to note that students are able to move up and down the chart during the day. They move their clip one space at a time and are not stuck on a particular color for the entire day. However, if a student makes it to Teacher’s Choice or Parent Contact, they still have to serve the consequence even if they are able to move back up the chart.

The following consequences will be in place:

YELLOW: Think About It

ORANGE: Teacher’s Choice
(I will choose one of the following)
Behavior Journal
Lose Recess Time (I choose how much time)
Clip Down (depends on how severe the behavior is)

RED: Parent Contact
(Parent’s will be contacted in addition to another consequence listed below depending on what the student did.)
Call Parent
Remove Student from Class (Send to another classroom or the office)

As for the REWARDS, this is what I have in mind:

  • REWARD TICKETS: Students will earn 1 ticket each day their clip stays on OUTSTANDING or higher. Their names will be written on the tickets
  • MYSTERY PRIZE RAFFLE: I will draw 10 student reward tickets at the end of every week. Students who are called will have a chance to select a random reward coupon from the Mystery Prize Box.
  • GLIMMER & SHINE: Students will receive a small stick on jewel to place on their clip each time it’s on OUTSTANDING or higher
  • POSITIVE PARENT CONTACT: I will give an award certificate to students who make it to OUTSTANDING or higher. I will also call or write a note to their parents to share the great news.

Additionally, since I am doing a camping theme this upcoming school year, I went ahead and created two Vista Print Small Car Magnets to display information about the chart’s colors, consequences, and rewards. I call it the “Wanna Behavealot Trail” and “Behavealot Trail Rewards.” Here they are:

I went ahead and created a sample clip chart to give me an idea of how I was going to set it up. Here it is:

 I’m going to make the chart myself using colored cardstock which I’m then going to laminate. I’ll place the chart in an area where I can also display the car magnets along side.

I’m looking forward to implementing this system. If you would like to learn more about Rick Morris’ Clip Chart, check out this free e-book about it:…hart_ebook.pdf


Reward Coupons

I wanted to post on my blog the reward coupons I created for my students.

There are eight coupons per page and a total of 27 pages (27 coupons) to use. I created them in black and white so they are easier to copy. I copy my coupons on various sheets of color paper. The color of the coupon matches a price category the coupon belongs to.

My students are able to use their “Fin” dollars (earned in our classroom economy) in order to purchase coupons they want. I also award free coupons to students who consistently demonstrate super behavior and consistently turn in their homework.

Since the file is too big to attach to this post, I am providing a direct link to the PDF file of the reward coupons. I hope other teachers may find these coupons useful in their classrooms. Enjoy! 🙂